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MUSICA LIVE was founded in Bonn in 2010; since then it has established itself as a label that produces music of different formats. In addition to producing soundtracks and audio books, we focus on the concert and event sector as well as on the marketing of our artists in digital music distribution. Our label has a Europe-wide network of artists, bands and organizers of music events. We have made it our aim to promote our artists and to spread their passionate hand-made music.


Christian Meringolo

Christian Meringolo knew very early on that he wanted to become a musician. Enduring experiments with the cassette recorder were followed by intensive guitar lessons from the age of seven to fifteen. The first bookings followed later for all kinds of events. For him they were both confirmation and motivation. His penchant for the guitar (acoustic and electrical) has remained unchanged to this day and after 20 years of experience he has played it with virtuosity and style.When asked about idols or the influences of well-known musicians, he names Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero, Richard Ashcroft, Joe Bonamassa, Everlast and Johnny Cash. In 2007 his first album “Crescendo” was created. Some film and audio book settings were followed in 2010 by video clips, including the song Todo Puede Cambiar, on the occasion of World Youth Day in Madrid. His second studio album “Life and Love” was released in 2012.



“14 Tage auf See” was composed and written by Christian Meringolo in March 2020, during the first Corona lockdown.During his return on the MS Amadea (known from the TV series “Traumschiff”), the ideas for this song came up, which he produced in December 2020 during the second Corona lockdown with Martin Schmidt. The video was created as an alternative to the corona benefit concert in Bonner Harmonie, which could not take place as planned due to the ban on events. The entire production is dedicated to all those who are particularly affected by the corona pandemic and who are nevertheless looking for new ways to continue and not lose sight of their fellow human beings.


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